Thank you to Kim Jacobson for handling Scramble to Best of Breed at the 40th Anniversary show of the Labrador Retriever Club of Potomac under Claire White-Peterson!



Pictured below August 2012, 3.5 years:



Pictured below May 2011, 26 months:



Pictured below July 2011, 28 months




MBISS Can. Ch/ Am. Bronze GCH Ch. Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble, WC


OFA Hips Good and Elbows Normal, Echocardiogram clear, Eyes ACVO cleared annually

Optigen PRA Normal/Clear, EIC Clear, HNPK Clear, Long Coat Clear

Dominant Black, DD (Dilute free)


Fresh chilled and frozen semen available through Dr. Beckie Williams, ICSB-Anaheim

Frozen semen now available in Europe for reduced transportation costs (stored with Dr. Konrad Blendinger near Frankfurt).


For a .pdf copy of Scramble's clearances and stud packet click here


Scramble has sired 7 AKC champions to date.  Thank you to the bitch owners for selecting Scramble for your girls:

GCH. Ch. Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night

Ch. Bouldinaire's Move It On Over

Ch. Summerlin Hot and Dangerous

Ch. Hidden Springs Autumn's Splendor Saraphina Bluff Vie, JH

Ch. Cinderhill A Knight to Remember, DJ, CGC

GCH. Ch. Barra's Saturday Knight Special, CGC

Ch. Barra's Lady's Knight, CGC

See some of Scramble's get  HERE!



CH. Shalane Fly by Knight

Ch. Tabatha's Knight, CD, JH

Ch. Tabatha's Hunterleigh Riot

Ch. Springharbor Sass O Tabatha

Ch. Shalane Come Fly With Me CGC

Tabatha's Impulse at Shalane

Shalane Cinderella, CGC, TDI

CH. Saddlehill Don't Be Late

CH. Delby's Anchor Steam, JH

CH. Dickendall Arnold

CH. Campbellcroft's Exilir O'Delby, WC, JH

Saddlehill Bailey II

CH. Hyspire Darktown Strutter

CH. Sundancers Moonlight Sonata


    Highlights to Date...

 Select Dog 2016 LRCSC #1, Breeder Judge Margaret Wilson (Shadowglen)

 Select Dog 2016 LRCSC #2, Breeder Judge Allison Rogers (Devonshire)

 JAM / Best Veteran 2016 LRC Potomac, Breeder Judge Jan Grannemann (JanRod)      

Also: 1st Place Generations, 4th Place Stud Dog

 JAM 2016 SJVLRC #1, Breeder Judge Karen Helmers (Paradocs)

 JAM 2016 SJVLRC #2, Breeder Judge Julie Bedford (Croftsway, NZ)

 BOB 2016 SDLRC #1, Breeder Judge Marion Daniels (Mar-Moye)

 Select Dog 2016 SDLRC #2, Breeder Judge Manolo Queueiro (Queijeiro, Mexico)

  AOM 2016 Westminster KC, Breeder Judge Lisa Weiss (Lobuff)      

                                                      Also: Son - GCH Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night ("Trace"), Select Dog                  

                                         Daughter - Dickendall Buckstone Mischief Night ("Trixie"), WB/BOW

 BOB 2015 Santa Maria KC - Ventura Breeder Judge Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)

 BOB 2015 Channel City KC - Ventura Breeder Judge Jim Russell (Hyspire)

BOB 2015 Contra Costa KC #2-Vallejo Breeder Judge Jim Russell (Hyspire)

BOB 2015 Yosemite KC #2 - Vallejo Paula Nykiel

BOB 2015 Yosemite KC #1 - Vallejo Michael Faulkner

BISS 2015 LRCSC #2, Breeder/Judge Judy Chambers (Ghoststone)

● BISS 2015 LRCSC #1 Breeder/Judge Lisa Weiss (Lobuff)

***********● BISS 2015 LRC of Potomac Breeder/Judge Claire White-Peterson (Stonecrest)**********

● BISS 2015 SJVLRC Breeder/Judge Sue Willumsen (Willcare)

● Select Dog 2015 San Diego LRC Breeder/Judge Susan Huntzinger (Riverlane)

● Select Dog 2015 San Diego LRC, Breeder/Judge Jan Grannemann (JanRod)

● BOB 2015 Palm Springs KC Breeder/Judge Vonnie Russell (Hyspire)

● Select Dog 2015 Palm Springs KC Breeder/Judge Nancy Arbuckle (Huntclub)

BOSS 2014 LRCSC Breeder/Judge Linda Vaughn (Simmerdown)

● Select Dog 2014 LRCSC, Breeder/Judge Joyce Love (Rickway, Canada)

● Select Dog, 2014 San Diego LRC, Breeder/Judge Michael Silva (Shadowbrook)

● Select Dog, 2014 San Diego LRC, Breeder/Judge Roger Orton (Omega)

● Select Dog 2013 HDLRC #2 Breeder/Judge Cheri Conway (Thornwood) 

● BISS 2013 HDLRC # 1 Breeder/Judge Jeff Gilmore (Borowick)

BOSS 2013 LRCSC Breeder/Judge Traci Stintzcum (Buttonwood)

BOSS 2013 LRCSC Breeder/Judge Sherry Anderson (Sher-Mi)

● Select Dog 2012 HDLRC #2 Breeder/Judge Cheri Conway (Thornwood)

● BISS 2012 HDLRC # 1 Breeder/Judge Patty Block (Sumo) 

●  WD/BOW/BOSS 2012 LRC of Ontario Breeder/Judge Joyce Love (Rickway, Canada)   

●   WD/BOW/BISS 2012 LRC Canada, Ontario Regional Specialty Breeder/Judge Cecilia Martinez (Southernwind,PR) 

● BOB 2012 Mt Palomar KC, Breeder/Judge Christine Tye (Gingerbred)

● Select Dog 2012 Mt Palomar KC, Breeder/ Judge Marilyn Little (Okak)

 ●  BISS 2012 LRCSC #1 Breeder/Judge Mrs. Trudy Rose (Talimar)
●   BOSS 2012 LRCSC #2 Breeder/Judge Dr. Michael Woods (Waterdog)

● Select Dog, Palm Springs KC, Breeder/Judge Judy Heim (Hyspire)
2011 LRCSC #2  Breeder/Judge  Mrs. Judith Charlton (Foxrush,UK)
●   BISS 2011 LRCSC #1 Breeder/Judge Mrs. Eileen Ketchum (Groveton)
BOB 2011 Palm Springs KC  Breeder/Judge Dr. Michael Woods (Waterdog)
  BISS 2010 HDLRC  #2  Breeder/Judge Mrs. Judy Chambers (Ghoststone)

Finishing from the Bred-by-Exhibitor class ...

●   WD/BOW 2010 HDLRC#1  Breeder/Judge Ms. Lisa Weiss (Lobuff) 4 pts.
WD 2010 Black Mountain KC  Judge Mrs. Paula Nykiel  4 pts.
●   WD/BOW 2010  National Specialty, LRC, Inc.  Breeder/Judge Mrs Kendall Herr, (Dickendall)  5 pts.
WD/BOW Lake County KC of No.Cal   Judge Mrs.  Paula Nykiel 3 pts.
 RWD  2010 LRCSC #1  Breeder/Judge Mrs. Diane Pilbin (Chucklebrook)

Scramble wins LRCSC's Top Annual Awards compiled for 2010:
Top Winning Dog of the Year
Winners Dog of the Year
Bred By Exhibitor Dog of the Year

Awards also achieved thru his wins:  
Brood Bitch of the Year for Early
Handler of the Year
Breeder of the Year



Pictured below July 2011, 28 months:




Pictured below January 2011, at 22 months of age:


Pictured below November 2010, 20 months of age:


Winner's Dog/ Best of Winners at the National (19 months) October 2010:


Taken at LRCSC in April 2010 the day he was RWD at 13 months:


Scramble loves a day at the beach...


... or just diving into the backyard pool!